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Nibertex PFAS-free ePU Membrane

Nibertex electrospun PU membranes for use in waterproof breathable textiles.

Waterproof Breathables

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Product Description

Introducing nibertex, the electrospun PU membrane that redefines performance in the technical textile market. With unmatched breathability, boasting an exceptional air permeability of up to 0.4 CFM, and waterproofness surpassing 10,000 mmh20, Nibertex sets a new benchmark for excellence.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and protection with nibertex’s revolutionary nano scaled fibers and 3D pore structure. But what truly sets nibertex apart is its commitment to sustainability – it is a PFAS-free membrane, featuring a C0-based DWR, leading the way towards a cleaner future.

Get ready to elevate your outdoor experiences with nibertex, the ultimate choice for those who demand the best. Unleash your potential with Niber’s top-of-the-line nano membrane technology.

Basic Information

Model name

Nibertex C0

Product type

Waterproof breathable membrane for textiles


Sportswear, outerwear, gloves, shoes, military wear


4-way stretchability, top breathability, waterproof


7gsm, 9gsm, 10gsm, 11gsm