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We harness nanotechnology to engineer advanced and sustainable materials, aiming to fuel innovation and enhance the quality of life across industries

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+20 in breathable films

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 73 employees, including 10 engineers

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In 2 countries

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We use nano scale polymer fibers to solve the world's biggest problems.

With our proprietary electrospinning process setting new industry benchmarks, we’ve pioneered 100% PFAS free nanofiber films. Our goal extends beyond the textiles industry, aiming to equip multiple sectors with our revolutionary PFAS-free materials. At Niber, we’re not just pioneering the nanofiber industry’s growth – we’re forging a path towards a more sustainable future for all. And we’re starting with nibertex.

It all starts with our vision for our advanced polymer fibers.

Nibertex utilizes electrospinning to develop innovative high-performance sustainable materials. By leveraging the unique properties of electrospun PU fibers—such as their large surface area, enhanced reactivity, superior mechanical strength, and high porosity—we deliver products that drive innovation and offer significant societal value. We aim to revolutionize the textile industry with our groundbreaking 100% PFAS-free membranes.

We have a different approach to electrospinning

Leveraging our patented process, we’ve mastered the mass production of 100% PFAS, PFC free polyurethane based fibers. Our process also opens doors for the rapid development and market launch of innovative materials used in various applications including EV batteries, wound dressing, EMI shields, and more. Our unique process can transform industries and we plan to start with technical textiles.

And we're off to a phenomenal start. Our nibertex PFAS free films are performing off the charts.

Even distribution, ideal thickness.

3x lighter, just as powerful

Minimal pinholes

12x more abrasion resistant

Top air permeability >0.3cfm

Waterproofness >10,000 mmH20

4-way stretchable

Heat and cold resistant

Join us in our journey to introduce the most breathable waterproof material in the world

We’re seeking forward-thinking laminators and brands to join us on our mission to redefine waterproofing. Let’s shape the future together.