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Nibertex ePU Composites

Nibertex proprietary nonwoven composites comprised of Nibertex electrospun PU.

Nonwoven Composites

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Product Description

Discover Nibertex Pro, our innovative line of composite nonwoven materials crafted for versatility and performance. At Nibertex, we seamlessly integrate our proprietary electrospun PFAS-free PU membranes with supportive layers of PP, TPU, or PET to create a robust multilayered solution. Each composite is designed to enhance durability and functionality across a variety of applications—from construction and healthcare to personal protective equipment and ventilation systems. Explore the possibilities with Nibertex Pro: engineered for excellence, committed to sustainability.

Basic Information

Model name

Nibertex Pro NF C0 Series 

Product type

Waterproof, breathable, and durable nonwovens for various applications


Construction, PPE, Life Sciences, and Vents


Water resistant, extremely breathable, abrasion resistant, durable


NF3S-C0 Air, NF3S-C0, NF4S-C0 Air, NF4S-C0, NF5S-C0 Air, NF5S-C0