No PFAS, All Performance.
The world's most breathable membrane ever.

Our revolutionary PFAS-free membrane with C0-based DWR. The pinnacle of waterproofness and breathability without compromise.

5g of nibertex ePU fiber is long enough to reach the moon.

Fascinating Fact: A mere 5 grams of Nibertex ePU fiber has the potential to stretch all the way to the moon. This remarkable property highlights the advanced engineering and innovation behind Nibertex’s nanofiber membranes, ensuring exceptional performance and sustainability in every strand, crucial for cutting-edge research and development applications.

Our Nibertex PFAS free films are performing off the charts.

Even distribution, ideal thickness.

3x lighter, just as powerful

Minimal pinholes

12x more abrasion resistant

Top air permeability >0.3cfm

Waterproofness >10,000 mmH20

4-way stretchable

Heat and cold resistant

Nibertex ™ PFAS-free ePU Membrane

Nibertex electrospun PU membranes for use in waterproof breathable textiles.

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